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Is an integral system, designed specify for hotels and restaurants, that generates CFDI (DTVI*). Our application is a website, so it doesn’t require installation on your computer or any additional hardware. It’s available all the time.


Is an integral system of generation of CFDI (DTVI*) focused on high level companies. The application has a structure designed to integrate no matter the technology used in the processes of billing companies, improving efficiency their business practices.


It’s a service with high quality and efficiency standards, to optimize the process of payroll receipts emission by electronic means according to the official tax dispositions.


Arises from the need to compare and reconcile information between the Facto Hospitality system and the SAT. This in order to identify any deviation (missing or inconsistent in canceled or active) to ensure the integrity of the information in both databases.


Online digital tax receipt A fast, safe and always available billing system, which generates and stamps every type of CFDIs. Ideal for small companies or natural persons with business activities administration.


A system which allows you to easily validate, storage, check, receive and authorize CFDI’s from suppliers.


Facto Reception is a system of reception and validation of tax receipts. Ideal for those people that receives electronic bills from their suppliers and need to manage them, administrate and validate easily, quickly and configurable. The system has a recipient corporate and a business unities concept.


Generates the mandatory reports required by the SAT. Monthly.

We help you to achieve your project successfully, we rely on the human talent that you are looking for to achieve your objectives on time and correctly with the higher quality standards and professionalism.
Software Development
We rely on a complete and positioned staff, Technology experts, structure, design, development and software engineering.
Our experience in multi-level projects, allows us to be at the forefront to accomplish the certification standards and many other requirements for tenders in TI. Our solutions are founded on the SaaS concept (Software as a Service), which is an innovative scheme that has become a technologic trend, globally recognized.
Special Projects
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We are Next Technologies

Technologic Soul

We arose as a company with the purpose of offering high technology solutions on the technology information area.

Based on the high technology research and development, Next Technologies has as a guiding principle, to be at the technologic forefront, applying it at all our economic development activities.

Our solutions are founded on the SaaS concept (Software as a Service), which is an innovative scheme that has become a technologic trend, globally recognized.

Aaron Muñoz
Home Depot

“Working with Next has been an excellent experience, they always move fast when solving a problem, excellent methodology. It’s been a pleasure to develop projects with them, because their commitment is always professional and based on an objective achievement goal.”

Verónica Burgoa
Grupo Presidente

“Next-Technologies has a very clear vision of the commitment with their clients, and that can be seen in the success of every single project we have developed with them and in the qualified staff that they count with”

Letty, Serrano

“They have a very capable team and with the ideal profile according to our company needs, and our quality and commitment standards, required to achieve successfully every developed project, thank you so much Next-Technologies“

“The only way to do great work, is to love what you do!"